"Friends are like stars, you can't always see them but      
  you know that they're there."
- Unknown

        What a wonderful shower thrown by Barbara Zeller (and her mother, Bunny) at the Zeller residence and Jenni Williamson who created the invitations. It was Teraysa's gift of a Hot Pink feathered Boa that seems to stick as the most memorable gift (Aran would disagree, given all of the lingerie bestowed upon him the 9 nights following the Ides of March).

        It was a fun brunch speckled with games, gifts and laughter that will be a part of my sister-girlfriend essence for the rest of my life. Everyone made me feel so special, so loved and so deserving of all of the advice, attention and girl power. It was also nice to watch Mom be "just a participant" and drink all of it in, with out having to lift a finger.

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Annette & Jessica Are Off

Beautiful Spread

Annette's Gift

Cousin Jennifer Colburn

Dawn & Haley

Nicole & Annette

Nicole, Teraysa, Jessica & Haley

Sonya, Carol And Barbara

Teraysa, Host's Neice & Jenni

Yummy Lingerie

Coffee Maker From Zeller's

Jessica & Annette Goofing

Jessica's Big Little Sister


What A Group!