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My Wedding Toast     by Jessica Lynn Deltac March 2002

Back in December in the middle of getting all of your invitations together, someone sent me one of those chain-letter emails. Well, he sent it on anyway despite my distaste for chain-mail, because of the value of the quotes on friendship. And there were wondrous nuggets of sentiment: some I had heard before and some new, such as this one by Winnie the Pooh:
      "I hope all of my friends live to one hundred and me just one day less, so I never have to be with out them!" Don't you love it?

But the one that resonated with me the most, I had heard before, but never so deeply.
            "A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart
                        and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words."

I think a fair number of you sitting in this room have learned my song well, God only knows how or why. And there are songs in you that I know by heart as well. And what you should know is that each of you represent a most beautiful verse and together - the chorus of my life. And despite the trials and losses, despite the anger or anguish, despite the times when the world has attempted to steal our voice, you knew what to do.

What do you do when you can't sing? you Humm. And hum we did! And because of these times of little voice, our songs "reborn" are richer and deeper than ever before.

To me, this weekend is one of those rare and special moments for all of us. It is a few days in a lifetime where time has stopped in order to savor the sweet, the soft and the sacred. And I personally take pride in your confluence of rivers and oceans of song that have left echoes in my own. So in the presence of so many of us here, united by love and fun, I would like to bless this moment as one to savor what you have accomplished for your families, what you have created for Aran and me, and what you have allowed for yourself.

For this toast would not be complete until I also thank you for hearing the growing ripples of verse in me that came from this man by my side - for Aran is such a remarkable Landscape to discover. His map is not easily deciphered, but the outward and inner treasures are boundless. As you all know by now, just being in his presence is like standing beneath warming sunshine on a blustery day. Oh, yes he has changed my songs forever.

And forever is what Husbands and Wives and true Friends are all about.

So I raise my glass and toast to all of "your songs" with a wish that our children and your children and grandchildren and great grandchildren, will not only learn our beautiful songs, but also teach us their own, so that they may echo again and again and again.

To our Songs...
To our Songs...
To our Songs...