"Kiss slowly, love deeply, and forgive quickly."      
- Kamni

        Bruce Johnson also convinced us to have a receiving line, which was the best addition to our day. Granted my hands were cold and Barbara's toes were numb, but getting a chance to see everyone exit, touch each of your hands, hear the responses and thoughts, and stand proud next to my husband (in the wonderful cape Mom insisted upon) was the best way to fully absorb the moment. It was as if the mist that lingered about us, would have been wasted had we not circulated amongst it. It did not feel like the 21st Century standing beneath the looming stone Chapel, instead it felt like we had all jettisoned to the 14th Century as Lords & Ladies.

In The Moors

Cueing Up To

Receiving On The Moors

Annette, Jessica,
Aran & Marie

Mother &

Louie & Barbara

Aunt & Nephew

Carissa & Greg

Carol & Friend

Cindypat Newlyweds

Godparents Of Bride

Greg, Burch,
& Carissa

Irene & Flash

Irene Louie & Bernice

Meeche, Cis, & Irene

Son & Mother

Husband & Wife

Reverend Bruce & Couple

Mike & Marie
with the Couple

Bill & Annette
with the Couple

be Happier

Men In Black

Marnie & Brother

Jessica & Barbara

My Love,
My Forever