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My Thirty Minute Vows     by Aran Clary Deltac   about March 15th, 2002

      Well, the day of our wedding Louie, the best man just had to get his hair cut so he could look his best on his big day. We had gone out the day before to drop off my ring which needed to be sized up a couple notches (which is another long story) when we spied a nearby salon. After talking my Aunt Kristen into loaning her car to her daughter, Alyssa agreed to drive us on our various adventures for a couple hours. So Louie, Devin, Ariel, Alyssa and I piled in to the rental car and we were off. Between giving occasional direction which twined us through the beautiful Connecticut country, I wrote a dozen small one-liner vows like, "I promise to protect you when you walk through the Autumn leaves."

      First we went straight to the jeweler. Surprisingly he did a fabulous job despite being rushed and only charging me fifteen bucks. While I picked up the ring, everyone else browsed the nearby shops and Louie went in to make an appointment at the salon. When I came out Louis was standing with the rest of the gang and said that the salon is booked for the next half-hour. They recommended another place a couple blocks up the street, if we are in a rush (which we were!). So, we sped there to find that it was booked for the rest of the day. So then we sped back down and went with the first place. (ack!)

      Well, while Lou was waiting at the salon the rest of us went in to the nearby café and ordered some lunch. Alyssa was so sweet and bought my food. Meanwhile, I forgot about the world around me and wrote my vows from start to end, based on the individual vows I had written earlier and Jessica's vows (which she had so thoughtfully printed up for me for inspiration).

      I then stood up, smiled at everyone else (they were all worried that I was too stressed, which I was), and walked outside to memorize them. Ten minute later Louie was coming back from his trim and I had the vows pretty much memorized.

      With only a few minutes to spare we raced to the Brown's estate where we were to do some car and gift swapping. And I realized that I had never gotten directions on how to get there! (Aaah!) Luckily my trusty memory kicked in along with my adrenalin, and I haphazardly found our way to Agnes & Burch's, and even snuck in a kiss from the bride for good luck!