"A hug overcomes all boundaries. It speaks words within the mind      
  that cannot be spoken."
- Unknown

Over 100 Favors To Hand Etch
              Aran and Jessica hand etched 136 shot glass favors (not to mention wrapped with tissue and tied up with purple silk ribbon). Aran's batch was a wee bit behind. So while Jessica got her nails done around the corner from CindyPat's in Arlington, en route to Connecticut, Aran completed his last 20. Each one was special, individual and something we hope you have filled with candles, nosegays, jewelry or other special things. Maybe yours holds thoughts and memories, which fit rather nicely.

Dinner To Celebrate Annette's 60th
              After Aran and Jessica met with Reverend Bruce Johnson for the first time, they joined all the Gingras Aunts and Uncles to celebrate Annette's 60th birthday. What a sentimental night for everyone. Almost one year before Aran had nervously sat down for a meal in DC with many of the same people for the first time, and now he was truly accepted and only half as nervous.

        Now as Jessica, Barbara and Annette had a mini-Bridal luncheon at the Norwich Inn and Spa, Aran was celebrating his Louie's Birthday with his Sister Marnie from Hawaii, Mom & Dad and Brother Klint from California, and Sister Élan from NYC. This event brought Aran's family together for the first time in 5 years. Everywhere you looked, people were smiling and laughing for a camera.

Mother & Daughter

Bridal Luncheon

Ladies At The Spa To Relax

Groomsmen Lunch

Guests Of The Grooms Lunch

        Carissa was more than a Florist for JessicAran, she was a thoughtful, loving, budget-minded cousin-friend who made everything green come to life. The bouquets and boutonnieres were Martha Stewart perfect, as were the purple and white iris centerpieces that some of us helped arrange. Because of Carissa, the church and the reception had glorious touches of floral beauty.

Butonneers, Bouquets & More (Thanks Carissa!)

Carissa & Friend And Aran's Boutinier

Over 100 Place Cards To Punch (Thanks Brian!)

Tracy, Quinton & Roo

Marnie, Marie, Mike & Elan

Sweet Nothings

Finally Uncle Aran

Rehearsal Dinner At The White Horse

Hosts Of The Hospitality Suite

        The Rehearsal dinner was divine at the White Horse in Thompson Connecticut. After which everyone met up at the Hospitality suite, which was thoughtfully prepared by Annette and Bill (as well as assistance coming from Leo, Ken, Flash and others!). It was here that more bonding occurred with both families who found out that they had more in common than just Jessica and Aran (clink, clink!) Later that night, the Groom's Father, Mike Meuser presented the couple a gift from his Father Robert Meuser(Aran's Grandfather), who couldn't travel from San Francisco to attend the wedding. Jessica and Aran had spied these exact champagne flutes in when Aran took Jessica home earlier this year to meet the family for the first time. --

Kristen & Nephew

Jessica, Ariel & Alyssa

Happy Groom & Parents

Mike Gives Couple Gift From Grandfather

Elan, Aran, Klint, Marnie (Beth Missing)

        Agnes and Burch graciously afforded their wonderful home to get prepared for the wedding. As Barbara and Annette stayed downstairs with Agnes and Burch (at my request), I attempted to meditate, put on my face, do my hair and memorize my vows. I lit a candle and relaxed and let the magic of the moment wash over me. I listened to my voice as I read out my vows and felt their impact beginning to determine the second half of my life. I thought about the people in my life that made me proud to love so completely…through suffering, through loss as well as through accomplishments.

        And then Kevin was there to capture the priceless moments on the Ides of March. First with Mom, me and Barbara, and shortly after with Agnes, Burch, Leo and Dad downstairs. I thought about how it was for Dad to see his "Button" get married. I still feel his hug after he lifted my veil, and still see him place my hand into Aran's.

The Gown And Cape

Jessica's Tools

A Good Luck

Checking The Gown

Kevin Captures it All

Still Pinning
Up The Veil

Agnes Helping
With The Gloves