Places of Registry

Click onto any of these logos to get to our registries on-line. The Knot has our dinnerware and flatware and a bit more. You can do most items for Target and Linens 'n Things online, but for some you must go to the stores the old-fashion way. At the stores, all you need to know is either of our names to get a print out of our registry lists.

Now, if you are an artist, we would love a self-portrait, a portrait of us, or a piece about dreams and/or love.

And if you prefer not to go through any hassle, we would appreciate
spending-money for our honeymoon.

We are going to the South of France!

The Wedding Quilt

The quilt is a wonderful tradition that both Aran and Jessica's families have lovingly been working on. This means so much to us. We look forward to not only seeing your squares, but wrapping ourselves Up in the warmth of the love you cared to design, weave, embroider, paint, iron-on and imagine for us. We look forward to telling our children about you and our relationships by the hand-crafted Love on each square.

For those who are having a hard time deciding what to do, or just want some confidence that "your way, is the best way" (which it is!), we are sharing images from other family-love quilts.

The above squares were created a multitude of ways: with felt pieces, gold-plated charms, iron-on photo transfers, embroidery, cross stitch, but that is only the beginning. There are many unique materials and methods out there. The only thing we ask you to keep in mind is that we plan on using this quilt, so we will want to occasionally have it dry-cleaned. I have a feeling that when any of our children get sick, they will get the quilt for the duration to lay on top of them for the extra healing it's love will impart. And if you think your materials are questionable, just ask Annette, Marie or us.

Quilt Ideas if You Haven't Had Any Yet

  • We have seven cats: Jesster (white striped); Spartacus (giant Siamese male); Tiger (long-haired auburn and chestnut striped); Smokey (like Tiger but light and dark grey stripes); Boots (long hair dark grey with white neck and hair on her tail that hangs like feathers); Nellie & Ashley (mother and daughter both short hair, dark grey).
  • Aran really likes Pooh bear and Jessica likes Tigger and or Piglet.
  • We are both artists. Aran likes to throw pottery, develop websites and software programs; kiss Jessica; draw; paint; be sweet to people and rollercoasters.
  • Annette's not doing the hippo for Jessica...
  • Jessica likes to find four leaf clovers, light candles, jump into Aran's arms, travel anywhere, explore tiny things, laugh like a lil' faerie nymph, love people, and she likes rollercoasters too.
  • We both love the ocean, mermaids, dolphins, sand castles, shells, beautiful nature, rich colors, heart-felt words, babies, youngsters, grandparents, tradition, ceremony, breaking the rules, and eating good food.

Good luck!