"A woman sees herself through the eyes of the man she loves."      
- Unknown
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        Unbeknownst to many people, Jessica and Aran happened to find a dress at Goodwill for $10, even before Annette and she went shopping. It was this dress she took to the beach to have another dear friend, Trinity (who also couldn't make the wedding), take some fabulously fun shots. This is the outdoor Bride that Aran knew he was to be marrying as well.

Beach Bride

Dune Bride


Bride On Dunes

Never Too Old

J&A Forever

The Real Jessica

Beach Doll

Bride & Assistants

Bride & Kids

Crouching Tiger

Goggled Bride

Sand Doll
Gone Astray

Tiger Bride

Tiger Bride

Wind, Water,

She Wouldn't

A Sassy Bride

Ocean Bride