"A woman sees herself through the eyes of the man she loves."      
- Unknown
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        After Aran proposed, Annette took Jessica by a Bridal shop that was going out of business -- just to peek. All the other mothers and Brides-to-be were stressed out and no fun at all, whereas Jessica and Annette were giggling and cracking jokes the whole time. The plan was to try on a few, not find "the One". But it happened that day, as Jessica walked out in the last dress. Annette got misty, and then Jessica did too. And that was that.

        Jessica's dearest friend Ami couldn't get away from India to attend the wedding, but she just happened to be in Charlotte for 24 hours, and was able to go back with Jessica to pick up the dress and take these photos. Ami, you were involved with one of the biggest steps of getting married.

And One More Thing...

Fun Hair Down

Hi Ami, Hi Jess

I'm Still Jessica

Jessica Sees It Now

Look Up Two

Posing For The Camera

Stepping Down

What Fun We Had

Will Aran Like It